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Here you can easily book your trip with our canal boats.

After you have completed and sent the form to the right, a copy will automatically be sent to your e-mail address. Within 10 minutes, a copy of the booking will be sent via e-mail. If it doesn't, check your spam. If there is nothing there, contact us by e-mailing or call us on +46-705-410633.

As soon as we have booked you, you will receive a confirmation from us. Your booking via the form does not guarantee space on the boat as that specific trip can be fully booked.

Within 10 minutes a copy of the reservation will be provided by email. If it does not come, check your junk mail. There is nothing there contact us by email to or call us at + 46705410633.
Which day you want to travel on the canal.
Here you choose which kind of trip you want to make. For further information, click on ”trips” in the menue.
These options are on request only. The number of places is limited. Enter the number in the message box below.

Redo att boka resa?

Njut av en avslappnande dag på Dalslands Kanal tillsammans med oss på Storholmen och Dalslandia.

Om du vill veta mer är du alltid välkommen att kontakta oss.
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