Welcome aboard!

On board our two boats M / S Storholmen and M / S Dalslandia We hope that you will relax and enjoy the Dalsland canal and its fantastic nature. We serve a local salmon menu. With these words, we in the Holmedahl family wish you a warm welcome on board.

Second and third generation skippers

Sture is the skipper on board M / S Storholmen, our first boat. Before that he worked in several industries after having worked as a young lad on his dad's cargo boat. Then the traffic on the canal was mostly industrial transport, where mainly wood and cement were shipped out.

Our son Anton, just like his dad, grew up on the canal and helped us as on deck and with many other things during our years with the M/S Storholmen. Prior to the season in 2019 we expanded with the boat M/S Dalslandia, now with Anton as skipper.

Both Sture and Anton are handy and moan especially about the care of the boats. They should always be freshly painted before every season starts!

The restaurants

Annika, who is the restaurant manager, worked in the travel agency industry at a young age and educated in the 1980s as an diet economist. 

After her education, she worked as a diet manager and restaurant manager in both public and private companies. In the restaurants there is also Anton's partner Kitty to be found, when she is not taking care of the administration in the office. She has a past as an administrator in the hotel industry.

The whole family Help

Our second son Jacob is an economist, he is part of the company and is very helpful when needed.

The older generation Holmedahl both "served" in different ways in their professions and felt that they had to start doing something on their own. When the M/S Storholmen and later the M/S Dalslandia were offered for sale, together with our sons, we made the decision of our life to buy the boats in 2008 and 2019.

We continued with the fine concept the previous owners have developed and to some extent put our own touch on board. It is important for us to preserve the old traditions and to manage the cultural heritage along the canal. The M/S Storholmen has operated the canal for more than 80 years and M/S Dalslandia for almost 60 years.

In addition to the boats, the families' interest is forest and land. We like to play golf if we have the time. In the winter when the boats are stationary, we enjoy skiing together. We also spend a lot of time in the winter to renovate an old family farm with the whole family being involved in the work.

Welcome to the Holmedahl family!

Redo att boka resa?

Njut av en avslappnande dag på Dalslands Kanal tillsammans med oss på Storholmen och Dalslandia.

Om du vill veta mer är du alltid välkommen att kontakta oss.
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