Dalslands Canal

A trip on the Dalsland canal and you find yourself in the heart of Sweden's most lake-richest landscape. The canal is a 254 kilometre long system that has been transformed over the years from the necessary transport path for sawn timber and iron ore into a well-attended experience path. Large and small lakes are bound together by a mile-dug or exploded canal and offer beautiful natural environments. The canal was built by Nils Ericson between the years 1865-1868. 2018 celebrated the channel 150 years.

Dalslands Kanaltrafik operates the Dalsland canal between Håverud and Bengtsfors. On the route, 16 exciting sluices are crossed, lifting the boat 33 meters from the start in Håverud. The romantic farming communities with their sluice stations and mansions we pass are joined by beautiful lakes with untouched nature and rich bird and wildlife.

For more information about the channel
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Canal Facts

Dalsland's canal extends from Lake Vänern up to Bengtsfors. The height difference on the route is just over 40 meters.

  • Built 1864 - 1868 under the direction of Nils Ericson
  • 17 lock stations
  • 22 lakes and shelters, of about 1300 lakes only in Dalsland
  • 31 locks
  • The length of the canal system is 254 km, of which about 12 km is an excavated or broken canal.
  • The system extends from Köpmannebro at Vänern via lakes into southwest Värmland
  • The level difference between Stora Le and Vänern is 66 m.
  • The maximum permissible draft is 1.80 m, maximum boat length 22.75 m and maximum width 4.05 m.

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Njut av en avslappnande dag på Dalslands Kanal tillsammans med oss på Storholmen och Dalslandia.

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